November 10-12, 2023

Brad Richards

He has half a pinky and once tackled an emu (No birds were harmed in the tackling and was for the safety of the whole town of Woburn. He was/is a hero.)

Tony Nichol

Tony Nichol may be the most resilient of captains, not letting a broken hand or shingles slow him down. Tony was challenged in his first year as captain when one of his first liners exited the touranment early with a concussion. He is eager to start his sophomore year with a fresh slate.

A Shuley Cup veteran, Tony has contined to participate in the tournament even while living in Chicago. His determination and perseverance made him an easy pick when a captaincy opened up.

Tony sees the ice like no other. A natural leader, Tony makes sure every player has a role on the ice. Can't wait to see what Tony brings to this year's tournament.

Chris Peterson

That is not Ken Schrock that you see. Look closely, it's Captain Dangles, Chris Peterson. Chris' Shuley Cup resume is unique and includes FOUR championships, some blood, extreme safety (sleeping in his car), attention to hygiene, and extensive knowledge of the platypus. He also has won 4 bobbleheads and has been the artist behind the Shuley Cup artwork since 2010.

Captain Emeritus Ken left some big skates to fill (literally) and Chris did not disappoint. In his freshman year as Captain, Chris led his team, Blood Sweat & Beers, to a championship, and impressed everyone with his management skills.

Chris demonstrates his leadership on and off the ice and has earned the nickname Captain Dangles. We look forward to hearing what he has to say and watching him make the other captains look silly on the ice.

Ryan Eisenberg

Ryan moved to California to pursue expanding the Shuley Cup franchise to the West Coast. As captain of Schrock On! which won the inaugural Shuley Cup Championship, Ryan has earned himself bragging rights for life. In 2012, Ryan was hired as the GM of Platypus Avengers and was given the task of scouting and drafting the eventual 2012 championship team. In 2015, we are pleased to announce that Ryan has put retirement on hiatus and was promoted from GM to Captain of the Platypus franchise.

Ryan is someone not to be taken lightly. He is a menace on faceoffs, a pest in the corners, and agile along the boards. Ryan always plays with a smile on his face and his memorable presence on the ice is the reason behind the Eizy Award, which is given to the most Gentlemanly Player.

Retired (for now) Captains

Paul Huxel

These days, you will find Pauly in Cameroon as a Peace Corps volunteer, teaching math and science. We are really proud of Pauly's determination and sense of adventure and wish him well. And we will miss him this year!

Hailing from Chicago (where he probably learned his two finger approach to eating buffalo wings), Pauly spent the first four years perfecting his team and claimed the elusive Shuley Cup in 2012. He would like to thank and acknowledge his GM-turned-Captain Ryan Eisenberg.

Paul is recognized for his speed, his ability to move the puck in the offensive zone, and his spinning defensive move.

The (Pauly) Playtpus Award was created to recognize the standout offensive player in the tournament.

Ken Schrock

Ken retired from management at the end of the 2013 Shuley Cup season. While this decision was met with sadness initially, the captains bounced by plotting their "how to draft Ken" strategy. Ken will be taking 2014 off from Shuley Cup activities; we hope to see him return in 2015!

As captain of the 2010 championship team China Syndrome, Ken Schrock made  Shuley Cup history. China Syndrome went undefeated and featured the first ever shutout game. Ken was also the first captain to take home an award. His performance in 2010 made him the clear frontrunner for the Shuley Award for the Most Valuable Player. 

Ken is a jack of all trades on the ice capable of playing all positions (except goalie). Ken's ability to score goals, back check, and fill holes has garnered the  respect of all his teammates.

The Schrocky Award, given to someone who  demonstrates outstanding defense as a forward, aptly describes one of Ken's great traits.

Matt St. Hilaire

Matt St. Hilaire has graciously stepped in to captain in Ryan's absence. Matty's record is one to be reckoned with. He has been on two championship teams, a feat only surpassed by one other Shuley Cup player.

Matty is known for his sniper shots with a keen ability at picking corners. A team player and naturally talented, Matty has great vision on the ice and uses his teammates to set up plays. On and off the ice, Matty is known for his kindness and generosity. Shuley Cup is excited and lucky to have Matty as a captain.

In 2011, we are adding an award in Matt's honor. The Matty Award will be awarded to the player who scores the most memorable goal of the tournament.

Ron Swinnich

Ron sports vintage Cooperall pants, uses wooden hockey sticks, and doesn't believe in NHL teams south of the Mason Dixon line. Ron also believes he is Canadian, but he is 100% red, white, and blue.

Ron is a veteran on and off the ice. Ron's skills on defense from his sliding shot blocks to his penalty killing make him a valuable member on any team and a goalie's best friend.

The Swinny award was created in Ron's honor for being a master playmaker.

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