November 10-12, 2023
The Board

Shuley Nakamura, Tournament Organizer

Shuley moved to Massachusetts in 1996 and that's when her love affair with hockey began. She dabbled in intramural hockey as an undergrad and practiced skating every chance she had. In 2001, Shuley started her Wed night pickup skate at Simoni Rink. It has been a great place to meet people, build relationships and inpsire events like the Shuley Cup!

Putting together the Shuley Cup has been one of her favorite experiences to date.

Micah Adler

Julian Chu


Julian is a Massachusetts native but only started playing hockey in college, inspired by Harvard's 1989 NCAA National Championship team. Between helping to coach his son's Cambridge Youth Hockey team and playing adult league games year round, hockey is a constant fixture in Julian's life. However, participating in Shuley Cup is by far the hockey highlight of the year -- not least because the high level of competition and camaraderie is, in the end, supporting several wonderful charitable causes. During the day Julian is an operating executive at a Boston-area private equity firm focused on the retail/consumer sector, utilizing his extensive experience working in the Internet/ecommerce industry.

Kevin Donahue


Kevin is a Boston area native and long time hockey fan. While a "late bloomer" by traditional hockey standards (he started playing hockey at the tender age of 18), he brings a certain esprit de corps to whichever team he plays on. This is important, as he lacks the traditional characteristics which define elite hockey players: size, speed, skill, dedication, and general hockey sense. Kevin has been known to "show up" as one former team caption has mentioned.

When not competing in the elite Shuley Cup championship series, Kevin is a Fortune 500 computer security and privacy professional, residing on the west coast. He has recently begun participating in the off-ice side of the Shuley Cup and looks forward to expanding that involvement, as well as helping to raise more money for all of our charities. Scoring some points would also be nice.

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